peHUB First Read

Breaking Up: Are VCs no longer brothers in arms?

Palm Reading: Enthusiasm around the palm phone hasn’t exactly translated into sales. (Reuters)

That’s a step down… Would Jon Corzine, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs and former New Jersey governor, really join CNBC? (HuffPo)

Taking on the B-School Boys Club: Interest in business programs is growing at women’s colleges. (BusinessWeek)

How Tos: The art of the meet-and-greet. Tapping the “hidden job market” through informational interviews in the world of finance (FINS)

China Push: Carlyle is partnering with Chinese conglomerates. To do what, it’s not exactly clear, but there is a partnership! Perhaps there has been an exchange of equity, or perhaps just friendship bracelets. It appears the company will be helping Carlyle to raise money and identify deal opportunities in the region. (NY Times)

More China Funds: Frank Yu is setting up a China private equity fund. If he sounds familiar that’s because he’s a former Och-Ziff MD. (WSJ)

Random Cool Stuff: Tablecloths for klutzes like myself, where a spill turns into a lovely design! (Gizmodo)