peHUB First Read

Hacking America: Wired Profiles Andrew Breitbart. (Wired)

Police are the New Tax Collectors: Virginia hands out almost 7000 traffic tickets in one weekend to raise money for the government. (Economic Collapse via Clusterstock)

Regret Nothing? John Kay says it’s a bit disarming that Warren Buffet and George Soros are the only financiers to take personal responsibility for the financial collapse and bad performance numbers, rather than blaming it on “unprecedented” things like a “perfect storm.” (FT)

Need Those Soft Skills: If there is anyone in finance right now who feels the pain of lacking “soft skills,” its Harry Markopolis. (FINS)

$: A Trillion Dollar Pension Crisis Looms Large over America (II)

Servicey! How to handle the sovereign debt explosion. (FT)

Speaking of SWFs: (Not single white females) Around half of all sovereigns are investing in private equity, real estate and infrastructure. (Reuters)

Target Talk: Gamestop is a private equity target? ( sub. req.)