peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Thursday:

* John Doerr endorses Hillary Clinton for president. But he’s really not the Kleiner endorsement that counts…

* Maybe Cerberus and Bob Nardelli really can save Chrysler. But not quite yet, as its 2007 loss will be worse than its 2006 loss ($1.6b compared to $1.4b).

* Yesterday I wrote that very few partner-level VCs have switched firms in 2007, based on a year-end chart I compiled for Venture Capital Journal. Then VantagePoint Venture Partners comes along and puts a dent in my argument, by hiring three such people.

* Charley Lax wrote last month in Vox Populi that Canadian tax laws were a major impediment to VC investment north of the border. And it seems he’s not the only one griping.

* Intra-FCC squabbles over media M&A/ownership rules continue.

* She was a Morgan Stanley analyst. He was her hedge fund manager husband. Now they’re both going to prison for insider trading.

* I struggled staying awake in statistics class. But if my teachers had used chocolate chips cookies… (hat tip: Paul Kedrosky)