peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Thursday:

* The investor group trying to wrest control of the CNet board has increased its equity position.

* Guy Hands next week will let EMI staffers in on his restructuring plans for the troubled music company. Well, except for the one piece of information the staffers care about most: How many jobs will be lost.

* Merrill and Citi are back on the hunt for foreign cash infusions (sub req.)

* GSO Capital Partners’ proposed buyout of Reddy Ice has been viewed as a possible credit-crunch casualty, and now the two sides are renegotiating.

* When Imperium pulled its IPO last week, we noted how other PE-backed cleantech companies had struggled once going public. Overall, however, listed cleantech companies have had a pretty good run.

* Blackstone’s bid for Close Brothers is moving toward £1.6 billion. BTW: We’ve been hearing of a buyout firm in the late stages on acquiring another buyout firm, but this doesn’t quite fit. Got any ideas?

* Totally off-topic, but: An ode to American Gladiator, the only competitive meritocracy on television.