peHUB First Read

Getting an iPhone Cheap: China’s demand for gadgets cause phone’s to make very long trips.

An M&A lawsuit: Potash sues BHP Billiton, from FT Alphaville.

Snitching: A New York law firm has set up a website for whistleblowers.

Dropping Wealth: Ireland posts a surprising drop in GDP in second quarter.

More Debt: KKR, following Blackstone, prices $500 million of notes.

Giving Money: Zuckerberg donates $100 million to Newark schools on the eve that .

Having It Their Way: Once 3G finishes buying Burger King, they may face a $3 billion tab to fix stores.

Stop the Presses: Twitter opens temp office in New York.

Coffee Increase: Starbucks is jacking up the prices of drinks that are “labor-intensive or large-sized.”

More on Zuckerberg: The Facebook founder is now richer than Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Bankruptcy: Blockbuster files for Chapter 11.

Angelgate: Bin 38 Super Angel Menu.