peHUB First Read

Going nuclear: Duke Energy & Progress near a deal and could develop on nuclear ambitions

Shares: Earnings season could kick off the winter of investors’ discontent and foreign markets take a slight slide

Deep Breaths: Ok, now realize that this is nonsense and Facebook isn’t closing

Verizon: Yes, Steve Jobs, we can hear you now

Going public: Cupcakes. But what would Michelle Obama say?

Jumping ship: Goldman prop traders seek greener pastures

More strategic deals: Sanofi and Genzyme still trying to work it out

Is this…: More about freedom of speech, or safety of investors?

Unspeakable Tragedy: Strikes in Arizona as Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is among 20 people shot

The 10 Business Commandments: It’s no Ice Cube flow chart, but here’s a great nerd adoption of a hip hop classic