peHUB First Read

iStole: and iGot caught, because iTalked

Another Hub:
HubSpot, the Massachusetts digital marketer, is lining up Google Ventures and Sequoia

The 475:
Goldman partners set to rake on 08 stock option bonuses

Rudolf Elmer:
May be on trial for breaching bank secrecy, but he’s disappointed with U.S. investigators’ efforts… remind anyone of a Mr. Markopolos?

Tiger Cubs:
Long Apple

Deal: Glanbia buys Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition

U.S. shares pointed down, foreign markets outside of Europe have solid Wednesday

Playing for Keeps: The NFL playoffs are always a winning prospect, no matter when your team gets sent home

Shocking News: Pro sports, alcohol synonymous. Only eight percent!? The only way this would happen in the Meadowlands, is if it were a preseason New Jersey Red Bulls game.