peHUB First Read

Going Public: Wilbur Ross’ automotive parts maker IAC

Getting Bought:
Lovefilm, acquired by Amazon, providing a handsome exit for Balderton Capital, DFJ Esprit and Index Ventures

Yes, But Will it Impact the Release Date of iPad2?:
Apple faces pollution criticism in China

Getting Funding: CloudTalk hauls $5.2 million in Series A funding

They can’t all be gems; U.S. futures headed lower and internationally, markets fall

Drop Out and Start Trippin’: Business Insider offers a few tips on how to wind up like Steve Jobs

More Getting Funding: vChatter, which bills itself as a “safer” alternative to ChatRoulette, raises another $350K

“Laughable”: What one industry insider says of Howard Kurtz’ rumored $600K salary. Equally laughable, the top billing he enjoyed with the Post for all those years…

Playing the Numbers:
Most of you wouldn’t lie to the S.E.C. to get your dream job, many of you would work for an employer under federal scrutiny, and none of you seem to care about recycling