peHUB First Read

Google: Big news, Schmidt out, but the company’s already shifting gears, prepping a Groupon competitor

Embargoed: Google also apparently managed to talk themselves out of getting scooped

Everyday Struggle:
Venture capital works to regain its footing in the Northwest

No Gov, New Gig: Meg Whitman takes a seat on the H-P board, as does Dominique Senequier, CEO of AXA Private Equity

U.S. futures boosted by key earnings figures; foreign markets generally up

No Relation to Chuck: J.P. Morgan hires James Woolery away from Cravath to run its M&A team

To the Block!: Warner Music puts itself up for grabs

Social Gaming:
With the proliferation of online networks, enhanced bandwidth and broadening acceptance, we should expect to see more Cityvilles online