peHUB First Read

Museum Browsing: Google’s art reader aims to bring the Louvre to you

It’s in the Game: Electronic Arts reveals a $600M buyback plan, has big hopes for its online gaming… but you already knew that

Tell that to Mother Nature: Phil reportedly sees his shadow, providing respite!

Take the Hint, Zuck: The NYSE Euronext is hosting Social Media Week beginning Mon., Feb. 7

Wikileaks: Security cables show increasing concern that al Qaeda could develop a nuclear dirty bomb

Awkward Holidays Ahead: After losing out on Sara Lee, Brazilian meat processor JBS replaces CEO Joesley Batista with his brother

Boosting Offers: HIG Capital ups the ante for Matrixx Initiatives

Shares: Awaiting ADP data, U.S. futures tread water; most foreign markets took a boost

Funding: Applifier reportedly nabs $2M