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Internet Killed the TV Star: Yes, it does seem that cable companies have something to be worried about

… Which is Why… Dish Network just outbid everyone for Blockbuster Inc.

Paul & Posse: The Wisconsin Congressman—fast becoming party darling—could cost his allies with his ambitious spending reduction plan

VC Backed IPO!!! Responsys, backed by boldface names, sets IPO terms

Snitchin’: Gawker takes its turn, dropping the dime on the ABC snitch

Google’s massive undersea power cable? Google’s massive undersea power cable.

Jack’s Back: Twitter disables its new version, reverting back to its old one and sending the latest incarnation to engineers

It’s How You Say It: The Deal Professor breaks down the developing art of the corporate disclosure via public filing

No Sweat: Colony Capital takes the long view on the Middle East