peHUB First Read

Whoops: Corporate social media screw-ups (it’s probably just a matter of time before I put on a fun Twitter fight, anyhow…)

Will They or Won’t They? The federal government faces a shutdown in short order

We’re Not Buying It: Creditors scoff at Borders’ restructuring plan

Frank the Tank: Quattrone & Co. become kings of the hill in the tech banking game (to read the original version of this story, please go back in time three days to

What, That? Just our Huge Pile ‘o’ Cash: Founders talk fundraising

Shares: U.S. futures mixed as investors await potential changes in European lending rates

Was I Too Glib? Matt Lauer reportedly leaving the Today Show

Trumped: The GOP watches Donald Trump rise to the top of its 2012 candidate heap—but will primary voters say “You’re hired?”

Just Asking: Precisely what prompted the legislation here?