peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Valentine’s Day:

* Another day, another massive bank writedown. This time it’s UBS.

* Few Latin American private equity managers are concerned about the credit crunch, according to a new KPMG study.

* The past decade’s ten largest tech acquisitions.

* New CEO for Freescale, which was taken private in 2006 for $17.6 billion, by Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group, Permira and TPG.

* Today is Steve Schwarzman’s birthday, but he’s just planning a small gathering at home with friends and family. But that doesn’t mean you can’t vote on what he should do. Thank you New York Post.

* Paul Kedrosky visualizes Yahoo’s anti-Microsoft defense.

* James Altucher isn’t sending his kids to college — he finds the idea “abhorrent.”