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peHUB First Read

VCs Aren’t acting much like VCs these days

LED-ealing, once again

What Happens when Apple’s online store shuts down

Toldja So! McGraw Hill will take its books & sell ‘em

People, Moving: Here are a few more personnel moves

LED-ealing Gone Bad—Cree strikes a deal, then the shorts strike

Mmmmm….. Data hog. China’s high end users drive the most mobile profit

Cut that Meat! Peyton Manning is about to become the highest paid player in the NFL. Despite winning only one Super Bowl.

Downgrade Us? Downgrade THIS!

More Good News! Nope, not really: stock futures fall

In Conclusion: About five or six years back, one brand-name West Coast strategic that recently acquired a smaller competitor in a $1B+ deal had a chance to buy that very same target. E-mail us with your guesses as to the target, AND the price.