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peHUB First Read

Woohoo! Futures point to rebound

The Next Batch of Blodgets: Star analysts are BACK, proclaimeth the Times!

White Flag: Qaddafi’s rule crumbles to a halt

I Will Never Not link to a story at Xconomy that has a “The Wire” reference in the lead. Well played, sir.

Seriously? I can actually justify getting into fisticuffs at a ballgame. I cannot, however, justify it for preseason competition. People out West need to calm down. Didn’t you pass a law for that?

Dealing! Skype snatches up Groupme

Walmart’s huge online advantage

Jumpin Ship: EA exec bolts for Zynga

In Conclusion: Here at the Hub, we will tease a blind item until it has a breakdown. Today’s: which start-up tech company’s CEO just booked a one-way ticket out of his gig, and into the venture capital world? You’ll need to subscribe to the peHUB Wire to find out. Hop to it!