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peHUB First Read

Coming to a Football Game Near You! Erectile dysfunction/obesity drug treatment company Vivus lands new funding. We don’t want to see before & afters.

All up in Your Casa: Rebels raise flag at Qaddafi compound

We’re Getting to It: China says Moogle-ola hasn’t asked for its blessing yet

Irrational Exuberance? Another bright futures day as the market expects Fed action

It’s The Quake Crack Commandments! DC takes the brunt of the quake, Washington Monument inspected (apparently there’s a fault line that runs through DC, but as usual, Dems & the GOP can’t decide whose fault it is!)

Tragedy: Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt diagnosed with early onset dementia

Scott Maxwell: How to market & promote

Lucky You: Are consumer electronics companies more likely to weather recession well?

And is that why Samsung is going to sell more smartphones in more places?

Is Dropbox really worth $5B?

Attaboys! Groupme reportedly nabs $68M in exit

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