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peHUB First Read

The No-Spin Zone: Gawker runs it, now, Mr. O’Reilly

And Will Gawker’s allegations drag FOX News into the already-messy hacking probe?

Dad Reaches Out: Steve Jobs’ biological father looks to meet his son for the first time

Oh, And Also FOX hits back

At the Dollhouse in Moscow: Putin rides hard

Why Is It that the first thing everyone does after a good looting is take photos?

Wow. Do they even issue driver’s licenses to people this dumb?

Since He Can’t get work in the NFL, Tiki Barber instead elects to marry the woman he dumped his pregnant wife for. Never stop making fun of this man, people.

No Cleaning Up at Clorox… And Icahn’s no longer inclined to stand outside Lion’s Gate any longer, either

Futures: Poised for a boost

The Ol’ College Try: HP takes on the iPad, once again

In Conclusion: Quite obviously, Gawker and News Corp. are really going at it. But, Gawker CEO Nick Denton mentioned earlier, this spat was preceded by some smitten flirting. When I wise-assedly tweeted to him “well @nicknotned I suspect you can scratch “News Corp.” off the potential acquirers list,” he responded: “Well, News Corp is one of only two companies that ever approached us — way back in 2006!”