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peHUB First Read

So, What’s Wrong with MobiTV’s IPO filing?

Swingin for the Fences: The Obama administration is wielding a lot of force with the DOJ

Pot, Meet Kettle: ECB official rips US debt sitch

Ruh-Roh: US futures headed south for the Thursday

Well, Then: Samsung sets sail on three new cameras

Zeebo packs on the pesos for a pivot

So Solar Sucks… GE’s getting into the wind business!

Great Timing: The President bumps his speech next week to Thursday. Not like anything else is going on then…

Wouldn’t You Rather Be Exxon? Moscow plot thickens as BP raid continues

Thursday Mornin’ Bone Thugs? Well, it IS the first of the month

Come Again? You did WHAT Oscar De La Hoya?

Know Any Good Print CFOs? Newsweek Daily Beast ousts its CFO

In Conclusion… Hack alert!!! I recently got a direct message from a friend of mine via Twitter… or should I say, And another, and another. Eventually, I clicked on a link, and was pretty amused with what I saw. It’s probably the most clever password-stealing scheme for Twitter to date; every DM link re-directs you to the fake “” page (identical to Twitter’s) and requests you sign in (this is where YOU go, “Hey, why am I NOT signed in!” and hastily provide them precisely what they want: a new account to feed on). Wonder how long this gang will be in business…