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peHUB First Read

Not a Bad Day: Apple wraps Monday at all-time high

Everyone Else… Stock futures signal a mixed open for Tuesday

In the Crosshairs: Samsung targets the new iPhone for litigation

Blunt Smoking Qwikster: Wants some serious coin for his Twitter handle, yo

When Good Tech ideas go bad

Speaking of Which: News Corp. to pay up in spy case

Overseas Dealing: In the social media game

Audio MBA Mondays with Fred Wilson? Audio MBA Mondays with Fred Wilson.

San Diego biz tech news, courtesy of X-to-the-C

Emmy Ratings Down (Maybe Hollywood should be less aggressive mixing its award shows and its politics…)

Take a Bow: First-ballot HOF-er Rivera blows through one more bat en route to saves title (others in MLB await other shoe to drop…)

How Google+ Can outwit Facebook

In Conclusion: Clear out some time on the calendar. It’s a Ken Burns documentary on Prohibition.