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peHUB First Read

Can We Put a price tag on how much patent trolls suck? We can now!

Let’s Find the Craigslist Killer: And let the families of the victims have closure few seem to care enough to provide them

Cheap Date! Dinner with the leader of the free world, HALF OFF! How’d Groupon miss it?

Playing Operation: CD&R on why operations matter

The Revolving Door: UBS adds, BofA cuts

Uh-Oh: Did someone get a little support from the White House?

One Small Step for Man: One huge pain in the butt in divorce court

I’ll Have Another: SABMiller to buy Foster’s

“Yahoo’s board is arguably not the worst in America.” That’s about the best thing this story can say about the company.

IPO-No! What’s up with the Man-U filing?

So, What Can Vogue unearth on Arianna Huffington?

In Conclusion… Come see the Hub at the SMASH Summit this Friday! (Plus, a heck of a whole lot more)