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peHUB First Read

Not the Nuttiest Thing We’ve Heard Outta You This Year, Buddy: Feinberg says Europe’s gonna be OK

Mr. Met won’t have to go live on the BQE!

I Officially Speak for All of Us: When I say Dan Loeb should have been on this panel

Moving Downstream: With apps for idiots.

Not Subscribing to peHUB Wire? We’ll give you a kitten* (click through for complete offer details)

Well At Least This just might get BofA’s stock price moving in the right direction, eventually

E-Payments Booming in China

Down to the Wire! MLB races still on as the season draws to a close

Not Just Here: M&A pretty much hit a brick wall all over the place

So, What’s New at KPCB-backed DHGate?

In Conclusion… In case you missed it, here’s myself, Canaan’s Maha Ibrahim, and KPCB’s Matt Murphy (OK, mostly them) rapping about the mobile biz (well, not literally)

*Actual kitten not included