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peHUB First Read

Pumped Up Kicks: Reebok to pay up in suit

More Cookies, Anyone? From Facebook?

More Trouble: Pops up for the Perry campaign

Unintended Consequences: Social media spreads the word—but for gang violence

Dealing: Is Google going to acquire Katango?

Fast car: North Street Capital drives off with Spyker.

AXA mulls PE sale: Keeping us guessing.

Clessidra undecided: Italian PE fund mulling bank investment.

The Ax Falls: At Nokia

What a Run! The Tampa Rays sneak into the playoffs at the last possible second with a miraculous comeback

Pack Yer Bags: For deals, Wall St. looks East

On the Seesaw: Stocks now poised for an early gain

In Conclusion… That’s a wrap! To the postseason we go. And with it, we kick off our MLB trivia for the baseball home stretch. Learn more here.