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peHUB First Read

What’s Beef? Uncrunched lays into Huffington, VentureBeat

Overkill? Does anyone know precisely how much “Operation Twist” will impact the bond market?

Not at the Hub: Daily deals coming to blogs now?

I Thought Only the Red Sox Paid This Much to Suck: Details on Apotheker’s $10M severance

Only in AC! Trump casino offers $25K plastic surgery prize

Sinking: Kayak delays IPO plans
Come on Down! The next panel I’ll be hosting is next Friday (week from today, no rush), and will cover business relations between the U.S. and China.

Unkind: To Suskind

A Fee for a Debit Card? Doesn’t sound like a good customer acquisition idea…

Rumble in the Bronx: 2011’s pitching titans square off as A-Rod returns to the Yanks for a postseason run

Steppin’ Out: General Atlantic exec in India sets off, reportedly to run his own Mumbai PE shop

In Conclusion: Mission Ventures’ Jeff Lee bolts for stealth startup