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peHUB First Read

Corporate VC isn’t dead in Europe. No, really.

Dealing: AC Moore goes private

Getting Greener: GM recycles more of its waste

Yawn: Apple’s latest fails to impress

Yikes: Dexia’s exposure to Greek debt threatens its stability

Yer Doin’ it Right: Washington works toward budget compromise

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: European Investment Fund highlights the changing face of Euro VC

Ready, Steady, Yahoo! Troubled Internet giant readies itself for sales block

Shaking Italian markets: Investindustrial mulls raising Banca Pop Mi stake

Exciting Year: Imperial Innovations steps up investment programme with funds raised

Is three the magic number? AXA still considering bids for PE unit

From Russia with Love: $10bn fund pins hopes on big names

In Conclusion… Moving along! Former Highland Capital principal Gaurav Tewari joins SAP Ventures as an investment director.