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peHUB First Read

It Ain’t Easy: Yet, PE firms are still going green

Worse Than Being Occupied! Wall St. braces for the Volcker Rule

Money Train: Gawker’s guide to the folks OWS means to protest

Re-Rack!!! The history of the red Solo cup

Friendly Skies? Virgin Atlantic eyes bmi

So Much for Privacy: Dating site users see their info shared

Bank on It: SVB cashing in as other banks struggle

BC Partners hits the jackpot for its latest fund

Turning Japanese: Bain close to sealing restaurant deal

Sticky Business: Google Ventures gets educated

On the Acquisition Trail: buying up digital coupons

Roaring to Go! Indonesia dubbed Asia's next tiger

To Infinity and Beyond! Israeli cos get boost to China

In Conclusion… Come to the peHUB Shindig next week in San Fran (or, believe me, I will trick Occupy San Francisco protestors into going to your house under the guise of free showers.)