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Ice Cream of the Past: Dippin’ Dots dips into bankruptcy court

Andrew Consults Friday’s Flow Chart… And decides it was a good day

No Soup for You! White House rejects GOP’s Solyndra docs bid

Down Goes Frazier: The former heavyweight titan checks into a hospice, has cancer

You DON’T SAY: Groupon surges, concerns linger

Citigroup’s PE Activity: $800 million goes to “Citi-advised” funds

An Indian Dream: Government mulls VC fund aimed at India’s disadvantaged low caste entrepreneurs

Video Star: Telefonica Ventures wants Quantenna’s video expertise

All Aboard for Euro VC: France Telecom-Orange and Publicis Groupe team up to launch 300 million euro VC fund

No signs of life? Life sciences venture funding loses pace in Q3

In Conclusion… Kevin Kemmerer, an EVP with Safeguard Scientifics, has left its deal team