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peHUB First Read

Congrats: It’s not every day an active pro athlete comes out of the closet

Journo Geek Alert: So what happens when an anonymous source is no longer anonymous?

No, Baby! E*Trade sale whiffs

Well, Yeah, Ann: Campaigns don’t send hitmen anymore. Now they hire smart reporters, instead.

Skipping Happily Downmarket: Kindle’s taking the fire out of iPad sales

Just in Time for Thanksgiving! The Inkling iPad cookbook

Calling the Close: Kaiser knows a mess when he sees one

Playing Nice? Facebook could soon have a deal with the FTC on privacy

The Mouse: Is in the house

See Jack Run: Two companies AND take time to impart knowledge

In Conclusion… Folks, it’s been a tough year for the Jon Marino Sports Machine sponsored by peHUB. In fact, some of our predictions have been downright atrocious. But Maryland whips Notre Dame tomorrow night, in the worst game you can’t help but watch.