peHUB First Read–Occupy NYC Survival Edition

Gird yourselves, New Yorkers. SeamlessWeb it, stream a movie this evening and for goodness’ sake, don’t try and go out there today.

Will the markets tolerate another solar company?

You Must Weigh THIS Much to Bid: Wells to auction off The Babe’s hat he once donned at the House that Ruth Built

Where’s Pinterest’s Achilles Heel?

A full Midnight Marauders album from the kids from Queens sounds like an essential element for a survival kit

I kinda like the ‘New Joe’ though…: CNBC’s ratings heading downhill with a print journalist on board

Here it Comes: NYC about to get whomped by Occupy protestors again

UK’s Scottish Widows being courted by multi billion pound offer

Biotech IPOs show signs of life

Which US company has the most customers?

A second Renaissance for Michigan

Blackstone and KKR eye up India’s UB Holdings office space

How do you define the term bubble?

Former Bessemer VP gets down to business at Pinterest

Image Credit: Jonathan Marino