peHUB Friday First Read

A Toast! The peHUB Shindig is coming to San Fran on Oct. 17

Is it Ketchup!?! Curt Schilling’s bloody sock could be on the block after epic VC flop

Plane, Meet Mountain: The latest from Zynga ain’t pretty.

Geez, Whaddya Charge for Smokes? PE firm has iron grip on costly prison pay phone biz

Who’s vulnerable to a cyber attack?

Do Peep the new Adele for the latest Bond flick

Autodesk dealing to boost social

Oracle CEO all of a sudden making Thiel seem downright reasonable with his whole “floating continent in the middle of nowhere” idea

P-U! Europe’s PE looks elsewhere

ShoeFIZZLE! Returning boss slices headcount after mini-round

Dave & BUSTED: IPO called off on ‘market conditions’

Hey Lookit Who’s on Quora! It’s Sheryl Sandberg

Just When You Thought… Sacha Baron Cohen couldn’t get any more offensive

Is Cerberus getting into the lending game too? Yup.

Big funds aim to rein in pay at big banks

Image Credit: Jonathan Marino