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Here’s a look at the past week’s scoops, opinions and analysis from the peHUB blogging team.

Social Networking Startup May Become Black Eye for High-Profile Valley Investors [Controversy?]

Tagged CEO Greg Tseng On Accountability, TechCrunch and Leading the Third Biggest Social Networking Site in the U.S. [Q&A]

SoftBank’s Hippeau Joins HuffPo…It Was Inevitable [HR]

National Association of Realtors Forms VC Fund [Fund Scoops]

When VC Paul Holland Builds a House, He Doesn’t Mess Around [Its Green]

Unithrive: Connecting Cash-Strapped Harvard Students with Wealthy Alumni [Startups]

New Startup: VocabSushi [Startups]

LogMeIn Could Become First Tech IPO of Third Quarter [Green Shoots?]

What Up, Canada? [Word]

Must-Read Tribute to Rajeev Motwani, One Week After His Fatal Accident


Study: If You’re Over 25 and a Tech Geek, You’re Probably Using an iPhone [FYI]

Billionaire CEO Larry Ellison Cleared in Securities Suit [Whew]

Thompson’s Statement Was A Bunch Of Bull [Trust Politicians]

Is Private Equity Poised For A Quick Bounce-Back? [Probably Not]

Fundraising Updates: Resource Capital, Richardson, Walton St. [Scoops]

Picking Up After “Large Loan” Verrone [Just Desserts?]

Kind Of A Big Deal: ZM Capital Strikes First Deal With “Father Of Infomercials” [As Seen On Tv]

A Modest Proposal [Suggestions]

LPs Say “No Mas” To Future Funds, But What About Existing Ones? [More Suggestions]

Ford Foundation Names New Private Equity Chief [HR]

Dollar General IPO Speculation Reaching Feverish Levels [Do it already]

How Will Tomorrow’s Financial Regulation Announcements Affect Private Equity? [New New Deal]

Private Equity and Venture Capital To Be Regulated [New New Deal]

PEC Supports Obama Plan For SEC Registration [New New Deal]

Underperform in Europe, and Heads Roll. In The U.S.? Business As Usual [Legacies]

Steve Young of Huntsman Gay on Deploying a New Fund In a Slow Market [Q&As]

5 Eddie Bauer Questions for Jonathan Lynch [Ch 11s]

Sun Capital and Golden Gate, Here’s Your Second Shot at Eddie Bauer [Ch 11s]

Lynn Tilton of Patriarch Partners on Speigel, AriZona Iced Tea, Not-Bankrupt Stila Cosmetics, and a Possible New Fund [Q&As]

Thanks, Sale-Leaseback! Arcapita Takes 2x Return on Church’s Chicken [Q&As]

Midweek M&A Madness [Regulars]

Weekly Downgrade Wrap-Up: Where Does Portfolio Company Debt Stand? [Regulars]

Inside the startup office from hell [Links Lists]

Things A VC will never say  [Links Lists]

Things a founder will never say [Links Lists]

The largest bankruptcies in history [Links Lists]

Former Management Buyouts [Links Lists]

Bill Clinton for Fed Chairman? [Links Lists]

Ten Ways to Provoke a Geek Argument

Does VC post systemic risk? [Links Lists]

Social networking for quant traders [Links Lists]

Private equity is pretty dedicated to maintaining offshore abuse by private equity [Links Lists]

The Human Gulf in Private Equity Secondaries [Vox Populi]

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