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peHUB Rewind

Here’s a look at the past two weeks of scoops, opinions and analysis from the peHUB blogging team.

LBO-Backed Bankruptcy List: On Pace to Double Last Year’s Total [Quarterly Stuff]

Fund Performance Data Dump [Quarterly Stuff]

Fund Performance Data Dump (Part Deux) [Quarterly Stuff]

VC-Backed IPOs Rise Infinitely in Q2 [Quarterly Stuff]

Private Equity Activity Falls in Q2 [Quarterly Stuff]

Global PE Fundraising Rises in Q2 [Quarterly Stuff]

PCG Pays $2 Million To Escape New York Probe [Buy Yourself Out of Trouble!]

Escape from New York (Part II) [It’s That Easy!]

88% of PE Firms Have Cut Portfolio Company Headcount [Studies]

Los Angeles PE Firms To Buy Century-Old Tulsa Pipe Company [Deal Scoops]

Highland Capital Delays Fund Close [Tough Times]

Ashmore: Private Equity Is Deep Underwater [Tough Times]

Of Work Ethic and Private Equity [Essays]

Bain Capital Offers To Cut Size of Co-Invest Fund [peHUB Approves]

KKR Proposes A Double Secret Reverse IPO [About-Faces]

Chatting Up The KKR “IPO” [Reuters Insider]

Report: Dave Mosher Leaving Madison Dearborn [HR]

Wall Street’s Oldest Fund Placement Biz To Close [Bye Bye Merrill]

Fundraising Updates: Centerbridge, Domain, Insight Equity & More… [Scoops]

Blood, Sweat & Capital Takes The Stage [New Firms]

Bill Gates on Raising Successful Kids [Randomness]

Solar “Bloodbath” Expected by Year End [Predictions]

Not So Clear: Verified Identity Pass Shuts Down [VC Fail]

Social Network TeeBeeDee Shutting Down in Two Weeks [VC Fail]

Paul Allen Jumps Back in Founder’s Seat with Software Startup Xiant [Second Acts]

Audio From Nantucket VC Panel [VC Notables]

Q&A With Saban Ventures’ Craig Cooper: Half of L.A. VCs Struggling to Raise Funds [Surprised?]

Fundraising a Long Slog, Including for Ex-Googlers [More of the Same]

Did VC Fund Size Cuts Work? [In-Depth Look]

VCs Losing Confidence in “Broken” Industry [Studies]

Holy Kaw! There’s a Lot of Porn on Twitter [TwitHacks]

Study Disputes The Value of VCs “Buying Local” [Go Go Globalization]

Jurvetson Propelling $60 Million SpaceX Round [New Money]

The Return of Redlasso? [Second Tries]

You Bet Your Ass, Highway 12 Backs Med Device Company [“It Feels Good”?]

Steve Jobs May be in Memphis [WSJ Reports]

Tagged In Today’s NY Times [Follow-Ups]

Anderson Cribs from Wikipedia in New Book “Free”

[From the Irony Department]

A Twist on the Standard Biz Plan Competition [Contests]

VC Landscape Teeming With Ex-Googlers [No Shit]

Google Cofounder’s Wife Advertises Her Company…On a Blimp [Randomness]

Founders Fund: Eyeing Life Beyond Consumer Web Startups [Interviews]

Westly: We’ll Have a Dozen Cleantech IPOs [Hopefuls]

Cleantech Investment Bank Launches, Complete with PE Practice [Wall Street is “Good For The Family”]

Dollars Tick Upward for Clean Tech Investments [More Hopefuls]

Cleantech: What GE’s Skillern Said [GE Also Hopeful]

Do VCs Take The Summer Off? Entrepreneurs Say Yes. Data Says No. [Its Like School!]

peHUB Scouts Out with DEMO in Boston [Events]

Weekly Downgrade Wrap-Up [Regulars]

The True Story of True Ventures [Q&A]

Six Quick Questions with Navin Chaddha of Mayfield [Q&A]

NEA: Lonely at the Top, and on Sand Hill Road [Movin On Up]

How to cold call a VC [Links lists]

Apollo clawbacks? [Links lists]

Sand Hill Slave is back [Links lists]

Slipping a table under the table [Links lists]

Fortress Investment Group managing Jackson’s money? [Links lists]

Bain Capital’s “hairy” GOME situation [Links lists]

PPIP: Not dead yet [Links lists]

Dear Madoff Victims, Get over it [Links lists]

Greed will come again [Links lists]

7 Tips on Improving Your LP Relations [Vox Populi]

The Systemic Risk of Venture Capital [Vox Populi]

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