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peHUB Rewind

Here’s a look at the past two weeks of scoops, opinions and analysis from the peHUB blogging team.

Facebook’s London Sprawl Beginning to P.O. Neighbors [Social Networking]

Silicon Valley Smackdown Over Twitter Leak and Its Handling [Social Networking]

Amazing: Comic Dave Chappelle Tries Last-Minute Show in Portland; 4,000 Twitterers Crash Scene [Social Networking]

The Curiously Unsociable CEO of Social Networking Giant LinkedIn [Social Networking]

Google’s Eric Schmidt: I Might Step Off Apple’s Board. Eh, or Not. [Decisions Decisions]

Oops! No website for Andreessen Horowitz [Ironies]

Do “Operators” Make The Best VCs? [Midas List]

Mark Cuban to peHUB: You’re Wrong on This One [Impropriety]

Mark Cuban Cleared of Insider Trading Charges [Impropriety]

Steven Brill Tries Clearing the Air – and His Reputation – Around Clear Pass Debacle [Shrinking Violet]

More Clarity on the Verified Identity Shutdown [Scoops]

New Report, Same Result: VC Fundraising Drops in Q2 [Numbers]

If CIT Goes Down, These Companies May Be Hurting [The Right Size to Fail]

PE Council Testifying In Support of PE Firm Registration [Regulation]

Riverlake Partners Suspends Fundraising Action [Raisin’ The Funds]

Navis Asia Fund Halfway To Target [Raisin’ The Funds]

Pandora Tunes Into $35 Million [Raisin’ The Funds]

Advent Raising Fifth Latin America Fund [Raisin’ The Funds]

Huntsman Gay Raises $1.1 Billion for Debut Fund [Raisin’ The Funds]

DFJ Moving on Japan [Raisin’ The Funds]

Israeli Startup Funding Up (Slightly) in Q2 [Raisin’ The Funds]

KKR Delays Fundraising Drive [Raisin’ The Funds]

Former BSMB Pro Launching Moxie Capital [Hello New Firm]

Level Equity Formed by Ex-Insight Venture Pros [Hello New Firm]

PE Mergers a Reality? Edgewater Sells To Lazard [Doin’ the Deals]

What Consumer Credit Protections? GTCR Ropes Rhodes for New Credit Platform [Doin’ the Deals]

Sunday Funny: Cash4Gold To Solve U.S. Budget Shortfall [Random]

CastleGuard Partners Wants To Revive Middle Market Lending [Doin’ the Deals]

Midweek M&A Madness [Regulars]

VC Love Affair with India Apparently Cooling [Just Not That Into You]

Q&A With Healthcare VC Doug Kelly [Interviews]

8 Questions, 7 Answers for Richard Zannino, CCMP Capital’s New Retail & Media Guy [Interviews]

From Cinnabon to Private Equity: 5 Questions for Geoff Hill [Interviews]

Laundry Room Chronicles: Q&A with Michael Toporek of Brookstone Partners [Interviews]

Steve Rattner Steps Down, What Next? [Headscratchers]

Steve Rattner Leaves DC, After Buying $4 Million  Home [Headscratchers]

Price Doesn’t Matter in VC Deals, But The “Promote” Does [Vox Pop]

Silicon Valley Lessons for Detriot [Links Lists]

The New Criterion for MBA Admissions [Links Lists]

Michael Huffington sues The Carlyle Group [Links Lists]

How Dead is M&A? [Links Lists]

How to Write an MBA Admissions Essay [Links Lists]

How Bad Is CIT’s Loan Portoflio? [Links Lists]

Best VC Homepage Ever [Links Lists]

Does PE “Get” Social Media? [Links Lists]

A Tale of Two Bailouts [Links Lists]

Silicon Valley’s Beleaguered Moneymen [Links Lists]

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