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peHUB Rewind

Here’s a look at the past two weeks of scoops, opinions and analysis from the peHUB blogging team. Read ‘em before they go behind our subscriber paywall…


KPS Tops Off Fund III with $800 Million

Lovell Minnick Already Beating Target on Third Fund

Southlake Equity Back In The Fundraising Saddle

LP Organization Lays Out Guidelines

One Year Later: Where Are The PE Arms of Failed Banks?

This Time Last Year We Were So Wrong

Private Equity Doesn’t Have A Sweet Tooth (Historically)

Sexual Harassment Against PE Exec Still Active

Midweek M&A Madness

“Our Deal Pipeline is Rocking”: Fifth Street Secures New Facility

GE Capital Lays Off Five Investment Pros

Weekly Downgrade Wrap-Up

What’s Up With American Capital’s “Acceleration”?

Pay-to-Play Investigation Hits CalPERS

Grande Communications Buyout To Close Monday

Venture Capital:

What Now? Q&A with Ex-Google China Chief Kai-Fu Lee

Video Q&A with Brian Rich of Catalyst Investors

Timing of Kai-Fu Lee’s Chinese VC Fund Is Fascinating

HP on Why Giant Corporations Shouldn’t Do VC

Laundry Room Chronicles: Startup Execs vs. Entrepreneurs

Del Biaggio Sentenced 8 Years for Securities Fraud

Healthcare & Entrepreneurship

VitaPath Raises $6 Million For Spina Bifida

The Global Cleantech 100: What’s Not Happening in Cleantech

From the Filings: Akorri, QSecure, Gear6 & More…

New Investment Strategy At Sequoia?

The High Bid That Wasn’t

New Details on Factery’s Funding & Product

Dixon Doll, Other VCs Talk Mobile Outlook

Here’s One Way To Improve Healthcare for Entrepreneurs

More Than $ Is Needed for Healthcare IT

Building Startups To Get Bought

Prism VentureWorks Closes California Office

VC Investments Slide Back To ‘97 Levels

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