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Here’s a look at the last week’s worth of scoops, data, and analysis from the peHUB team. Catch up on what you missed before it goes behind our paywall…

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peHUB Returns to New York – Shindig in Three Weeks

Enhanced Equity Raising Fund Two

Video Q&A With Accel’s Jim Breyer

Blackstone Will Raise Year’s Largest & Most Underwhelming Fund

Roark Capital Cools to Financial Services, Cuts DeAngelo

Kleiner Perkins In the Media Spotlight

TA Associates In Hyperactive Mode This Year

Do FDIC’s Private Equity Guidelines Apply Or Not?

Unleash Entrepreneurs From Obamanomics To Create More Jobs

PE Debt Watch (Upgrades and Downgrades)

Why Invest in oneforty and the Real-Time Web?

CalPERS Dumps A Ton of Docs

CalPERS Doc Dump Part 2

Laundry Room Chronicles: Chatting CalPERS

A New Stewart Alsop?

It’s Official: The Secondary Market Slumped in 2009

Cleantech Investor? We Need Your Insights

Founder Spotlight: Grockit’s Farbood Nivi

Benchmark Cancels Plans for Third Israel Fun

NVCA Confirms Sinking Feeling: Fundraising Was Really, Really Bad Last Year

Pagliuca Reflects On His Senate Race

Bob Grady Turns Down NJ Treasurer Job

M&A Monday

Fidelity Ventures Says Goodbye, Volition Capital Says Hello

Crunch This

A Peek at an Entrepreneur Being Shot Down by VCs

If Facebook Doesn’t Go Public, What Then?

Negative VC Defense is Not Affirmative

Where Have All The Good Mentors Gone?

Welcome Back Lending? A Quick Look at the NewStar CLO

Entrepreneur Trades Sex for Solar

Will Poor Performance Kill Off The Mega-Funds?

Is the Venture Capital Business Broken?

Is Carried Interest Issue Dead? For Now, Yes, Says NVCA