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PE Debt Watch (Upgrades and Downgrades)

Q&A with TrialPay CEO Alex Rampell: “We could have had a lot more revenue if we’d done more in this sleazy market”

Deal Scoop: Vistaprint Buys

Founder Spotlight: Siqi Chen of Serious Business

Fundraising Updates: vSpring, Weathergage, Golub Capital…

KKR’s Navab: Media Opportunities Abound

A Lost Generation of Entrepreneurs?

Papa Murphy’s Auction Heating Up M&A Marke

Erik Hirsch: “GPs Are Essentially Service Providers”

Broadcom’s Henry Nicholas is Having a Very Good Day (Finally)

Pet PR Peeve: Don’t Call It “Rumors or Speculation”

Screw the Superbowl; Go Skiing

M&A Monday (On a Tuesday)

Vestar Capital Leaves Japan

The Case for Private Equity Registration

NY State Common to Emerging Managers: “We Have a Placement Agent Workaround”

Energy Efficiency Prediction For 2010 Already Coming True

Behold: Apple’s iPad, the New Newton

Leon Black Supports Change To Carried Interest Tax

Is Carl Icahn Feeling Better About Motricity? And About His Son?

Quote of the Day: Secondary “Line in the Sand”

Rising “Clouds” Within The VC Downturn

Yelp Helps Kill the IPO Market

VC Adam Dell, Not Too Busy For Padma Lakshmi?

Tagg Romney’s New Firm To Close Fund Above Target in Coming Weeks

E is for Energy! S is for Success!

2009 VC Investment Data: Silver Linings In A Dark Cloud

Obama: Eliminate Cap Gains on Small Business Investment

Steve Schwarzman TV

The Teamsters Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

Cleantech VCs: Last Ones In, First Ones Out?

Roger Ehrenberg Raising VC Fund for “Big Data”

Behind the Screens: Talking with Raanan Bar-Cohen, Employee #12 at Automattic

PE Debt Watch (Upgrades & Downgrades

It’s Riches to (Really Nice) Rags for Private Equity, Informal Survey Finds

Bill Gates: Gyrating Dance Machine?

How Many “Followers” is Too Many?

Survey: Cleantech VCs Are Bullish on Exits and New Deals

M&A 2010: Who Will The Buyers Be?

“Why Don’t You Start Calling Me Gordon?”

Fundraising Woes? Not for Vinod Khosla

EnglishCentral: Keeping Non-English Speakers from Becoming Laughingstocks

“Like Moths to the Flame” – VCs Tell Another Institution They’re Feeling Confident About 2010

Australians Love Cruising Facebook, and Other Interesting Factoids

The Original iPad Announcement