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peHUB Rewind

Here’s a look at the past week’s scoops, opinions and analysis from the peHUB blogging team.

Tagg Romney’s Fund Nears Its Target [Fundraising Scoops]

Fundraising Updates: EIV, Lenox, CapitalSouth, Alerion [Fundraising Scoops]

Welsh, Carson, Anderson, Stowe Wraps Fund XI At $3.7B [Fundraising Scoops]

Centerview Closes Debut Fund Just Above Target’s Halfway Point [Fundraising Scoops]

Patriot Capital Takes 8 First Round Bids, None From Fifth Street [Auction Scoop]

New Cartesian Business Finds Visibility in the Eye of the Storm [Q&A]

Mercato Partners Takes A Practical Approach to Venture Capital [Q&A]

Q&A with Josh Kopelman: I Never Wanted to Be a VC Who Offers “Long, Drawn-Out Maybes” [Q&A]

Heesen Says Cleantech Still Hot [Q&A]

New Firms Must Get Creative To Do Deals: Meet Current Capital [Q&A]

WaveRunning Wolpert On a Mission [Q&A]

NFL Player Getting His Kicks From VC [Jocks]

Drew Bledsoe Throws Private Equity Pass [Jocks]

KKR Gives A Peek [Docs]

LP Options When GPs Go Bad [Docs]

Private Equity Dry Powder At All-Time High [It’s Shopping Time]

Are Bank Buyouts Signs of Strategy Drift? [Musings]

Oh Well, No PE Owner for Hummer [Nevermind]

I Have an Issue With S&P [Rants]

Where’s The Beef? [NY Scandal Lives On]

Showdown in Texas, as Former Colleagues Fight Each Other Over Clawbacks [Yikes]

VC-Backed Bust: Proficiency Inc. [Not That Proficient]

RNC PR Director Calls Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister “Totally Full of Sh*t,” Then Backpedals: “I LOVE Facebook” [The Power of Transparency]

E Ink Acquisition: Great for E-Book Readers; Not So Great for Company’s Backers [Follies]

What Financial Services VCs Worry? [Performance #s]

On Twitter, Bromance Thrives [Studies]

Ron Conway: Arrangement with Baseline Ventures Still Friendly, Really [More Bromance]

SEC Now Probing Its Own Staff Around Mark Cuban Investigation [Scandals]

Cranium Cofounder Starts Rechargeable Battery Company, in Ghana [Second Acts]

Reed Returns to CRV, Wither Lowenstein in Boston? [HR]

Weekly Downgrade Wrap-Up (Upgrades Galore!) [Regulars]

Midweek M&A Madness [Regulars]

The Impending Demise of the University [Links List]

Doubling Your Money on Jimmy Choo [Links List]

The GM Magic Act [Links List]

The Tyranny of Cost-Benefit Analysis [Links List]

Thanks to the Grumpy VC [Links list]

Hybrid IPOs (HIPOs?) [Links List]

Why China Isn’t the Next Silicon Valley [Links List]

Beware the Complicated Deal [Links List]

Web 3.0 [Links List]

Something for Nothing [Vox Populi]

OpenTable – VCs Waste Another IPO [Vox Populi]

New England’s Top 10 Innovators [Vox Populi]

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