peHUB Second Opinion 1.28

Amazing stuff Mayor Bloomberg says during rich people parties.

What’s the most ridiculous law of 2013? It’s now a crime to unlock your Smartphone.

Look who had a solid Q4. Yahoo reports $1.22 billion revenue.

Newegg has won an appeal ruling against Soverain Software that saves retail.

Apple has released iOS 6.1. And more details on Apple’s budget iPhone 5.

Happy 200th birthday “Pride and Prejudice”

Lenovo’s CFO now says he was speaking broadly about M&A and not specifically about RIM.

Warren Buffett made a bid in late 2012 to buy NYSE Euronext.

How the personal finance industry patronizes women.

Twitter’s Vine has a porn problem.

How to recover from an interview disaster.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Stephen Lam