peHUB Second Opinion 10.17

Poor Lance Armstrong. Anheuser-Busch follows Nike in dropping him. He’s also stepping down as Livestrong chairman.

Veronica De Souza may get a job out of success with tumbler Binders Full of Women

Marc Leder is hosting another fundraiser for Mitt Romney.

Bad journalism? Reddit says it won’t ban distasteful, but legal, content.

Is admission to an Ivy League school worth $2 million?

Astronomers find a new planet just outside of our solar system.

FBI arrests suspect who is accused of wanting to bomb the NY Fed.

New ETN from UBS lets investors bet on mortgages with 16x leverage.

Color’s shareholders and board last week voted to shut the business down, VentureBeat says. But Color claims that ain’t so.

Apple is buying Particle, a San Francisco consulting firm backed by Justin Timberlake.

Microsoft’s Surface tablet to sell for $499 or $599 with a touch keyboard.

How Obama or Romney should’ve answered the iPad question last night.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Lucas Jackson