peHUB Second Opinion 10.09.08

Speaking Of Rising Default Rates: Naked Capitalism elaborates on the other economic shoe dropping, as it relates to bad LBO loans, and that rising default rate we are hearing about. The amount considered “bad” has nearly tripled.

Sad Guys On Trading Floors: There are a lot of photos of trading floor distress. Enough to make a topical comedic blog on it.

David Pilling: Did America hang itself with an Asian rope? Despite the ridiculous metaphorical lead, the FT columnist very keenly points out how Asia has played a part in America’s financial downfall in more than one way.

But: Just when we thought we had it bad, Business Week reports that Europe is even less suited to handle a crisis.

To VC Portfolio companies: Ron Conway thinks now is a good time to lay off your employees and start raising money. Dealbook points out that it is a self-serving email from Conway to companies he’s invested in, although I can’t really imagine why one would offer selfless unsolicited advice. Something about the tone of the email rubs me the wrong way, but at least he lightens the email with the caveat “While I do not own a large percentage of your company I hope you will consider this thoughtful advice.”

Venture Company: Outlines the four biggest differences (and perhaps downfalls) of VC investing in tech and in green tech. Basically, he’s saying tech is easy, and green stuff is hard and complicated. But wasn’t there ever a point (hard to imagine, I know) when technology was the most complex thing on the block? Maybe not, I’m the wrong person to be weighing in on this as it’s still complicated to me.