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peHUB Second Opinion 10.1.2009

Bob Dylan Sells (Out): He’s teaming up with Citigroup to release his Christmas album. (Cityfile)

Just Friedman? Hellman & Friedman co-founder Warren Hellman is stepping down. (Reuters)

M&A is BACK! Or, at least, Confidence in M&A. Or at least, M&A has hit its cyclical trough and is starting a slow slog back up.  (Deal Journal)

Lessons From U.S. For Private Equity: The United States buyout firms did better damage control than European firms in the credit crisis and have had more success than European firms. (Breakingviews)

End of the Lewis Era at BofA: The CEO first pledged internal growth but couldn’t resist the appeal of mergers and the chance to acquire Merrill Lynch. His retirement won’t clear up BofA’s problems… (BusinessWeek)

Not Happening: Buyout investors have lost interest in Cambodia and Vietnam. (WSJ)

The Daily Show takes on High Frequency Trading:

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