peHUB Second Opinion 10.14.08

Wherefore Art Thou: The chronicles the scattering of the bankers formerly known as Lehman MDs.

Scwartzman Speaks: And he’s a fan of today’s bailout. That, or he’s trying desperately to restore confidence in the stock and lending markets. Better than instilling sheer terror, I suppose. He said: “Before this remarkable initiative, the cost of money for financial institutions was way higher than they could afford to lend it out. The system ground to a close.”

Practice What You Preach: THL’s Scott Sperling bemoans ad revenue loss for print newspapers to a Wall Street Journal reporter. And then admits he reads the Journal online.

Wall Street Meets Main Street: The effects of the credit crisis has rippled all the way to the Boston Red Sox, a team I am supposedly required to despise based on my status as a New Yorker. Couldn’t the teams new spring training stadium get some PE infrastructure money (ha)?

Slight Improvement: LIBOR Rates still at a 25-year high, but today’s actions saw gradual improvements. Not what I’m hearing, but its hopeful so I’ll take it.

In Case You Missed It: Icahn blogged about Lehman yesterday. His commentary is getting a bit redundant, but the man believes in his cause.

Footnoted: Combing through a number of reluctantly disclosed public companies’ exposure to Lehman Brothers. Seeing as though its buried this deep in a public company’s documents, I have a feeling this sort of loss won’t be particularly trumpeted by our friends at private sector investment firms.

FT: An article titled “Why Regulating Bankers’ Pay Is Still A Bad Idea” may as well be called “Why Regulating Bankers’ Pay Is Like Communism.”

Thinking Of B-School?: You’re not the only one.

Meltdown Psychology: Why the crisis is emotional, irrational and inevitable.  Via Abnormal Returns.