peHUB Second Opinion 10.15.08

Greed Is Good: The Chuck Norris of Finance? Gordon Gekko is apparently returning to kick the credit crunch’s ass in a sequel to the famous 80s movie, Wall Street. Michael Douglas is thinking about starring in the movie, which will be called Money Never Sleeps. Times have changed, Mr. Gekko, and shareholder activists aren’t what they used to be.

Commitment Letter: Huntsman’s, disclosed via Deal Professor. According to him, the MAC wording actually deprives the banks of the ability to call “MAC” if Hexion had waived its right. That fact is moot after the court determined Huntsman to be solvent. But as Deal Professor says, that’s a lot to give up.

Candidates Provide Color: On their capital gains tax stances. Does this mean if McCain lets carried interest be, and lowers capital gains taxes, PE will be taking home a lower tax rate on carry?

Business Week Blogs: How can we fix the economic system, or at least make it stronger for the future? One MBA professor says confidence and challenging questions are one way. “I think the average employee, maybe a business school graduate, lacks the confidence to ask the tough questions.”

Real Estate: Might look bad in the US, but Blackstone is finding deals in China.

Pay Cut: Don’t expect executive pay controls it to measure out to be much of a cut at all, BusinessWeek says.

Congrats, Tech bloggers: Paul Kedrosky, Barry Ritholtz and others take spots in SmartMoney’s Power 30 list of important players in the money biz.

Watch Out Facebook: There’s a competitor targeting Spanish-speaking countries out for blood.

Fearful Equals Sane:If you are not fearful, you are crazy,” said Jamie Dimon to Meredith Whitney on a call today.

No More Pounds: Please.