peHUB Second Opinion 10.16.08

All Facebook All The Time: Could the spate of Facebook departures hint at a potential sale? Mergermarket thinks so.

Sinfest: How The Credit Crisis Was Solved.

Ouch, And Also Haha: Chesapeake Energy throws propriety to the wind in its Investor Day presentation slides. A way to lighten the mood perhaps? The painful ball-crush image labeled “Lehman Brothers” certainly begs the question of how exposed the firm was. is Thriving These Days: Evidenced by the two-block-long line of 2300 job-seeking hopefuls at a recent job fair in Chelsea.

We Go Viral. We Get On The Net, And We Blog It Out: Job hunters can take some guerilla self-marketing tactics from Glass Hammer’s Pimp My LinkedIn guide. (Kudos to anyone who can name the commercial that uses the above line.)

Nothin’ But Sunshine: First we heard Schwarzman, then Kravis, and now Rubenstein brings hopeful words at Super Return in Dubai.

LBO Sans L: Speaking of the Middle East, the FT is singing a different tune, as the credit crisis hits the Middle East and North Africa, an area that wasn’t expected to have as deep of a downturn as the US, the FT reports.

The Borat Of Wall Street: The Leveraged Sell-Out Gets to blame his book’s unsuccessful debut on timing. I’d argue that Dana Vachon stories from a blog, no matter how funny, aren’t book material. That doesn’t mean I won’t read it.

Trustfall: The government plan encourages banks to trust each other less, Felix Salmon says.

Clichés: Hired guns, ie winners brought in to save the day, don’t have the best track record in financials these days.

Speaking Of Hedge Funds: New commentary on their demise emerges every day, but this post about Highland Capital Management causes me to wonder, will other PE firms who dabbled in the hedge world shutter their efforts?