peHUB Second Opinion 10.17.08

Recession Hits Carl Icahn: He’s selling his yacht, and Wall Street Folly has the 13-F charts to show us why.

Thanks FT: For finally putting your foot down on these kneejerk overblown Great Depression comparisons. For further proof of the damage, see New York Magazine’s Crisis-Speak glossary:

Depression: An implicit threat by way of which financial institutions are able to extort ransom to the tune of several hundred billions.

Now Firing, I Mean Hiring: Lehman Brothers is taking resumes. Four hundred fifty to be exact. According to Dealscape, the new guys on the block will “look through Lehman’s derivatives contracts to determine which parties could assert legitimate claims against the bank.”

Bankrupt?!: Tweeter Home Entertainment, again, according to gadget blog Engadget. If true, this time the blame falls squarely on its 363 buyer, Schultze Asset Management.

Deal Professor: How increase your spread in ten minutes. Those crazy defense techies at DRS Technologies announced a delay to their merger’s closing in their press release so ambiguous it confused traders about the deal’s certainty to close. They promptly carved out a spread that just shouldn’t be there.

Heavyweights: The top guys are Carlyle, KKR and Blackstone still want to invest in financial services, but other than Neuberger and WaMu (oh, WaMu…), where’s the action? I know the bailout is only a few weeks old, but I’m on the edge of my seat…

Especially When: It comes to AIG’s assets, which are not a fire sale at all, but more of a yard sale.

Three Years: The US Government handled the credit crisis the same failed way it handled Hurricane Katrina? That’s a tough comparison to make.

News Delivery Systems: Not only are we announcing business news over Facebook, but Twitter is breaking internal news too.

On Blogging: And also On Selling Subscriptions, and On Essayists, and On Montaigne References. (Andrew Sullivan)

Finally: The rise of the strategic buyers as exit options begins in Europe, a year after it came and went in the US.<-->