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peHUB Second Opinion 10.19

Diss: Man is Sam Zell ever a jerk. At a recent conference he dissed Wilbur Ross, saying, “all the new savants on commercial real estate (like) Wilbur Ross…I find their comments..are inversely related to our knowledge of the industry.” (WSJ)

Barbarians at the gateau? KKR wants a bite of Cadbury. (Dealscape)

Old news: How many “PE IS BACK!!!!!” and “NO WAIT NO ITS NOT!!!!” stories does one year need? Apparently the past 238741273 were not enough, as CNN has caught wind of this crazy new trend. (CNN)

Speaking of Old News: If you made it to Buyouts East last March, you will have heard Steve Young’s funny, touching speech comparing private equity to his experience as a star quarterback, but if not, Dealscape has relayed the main points of it, recently given at one of their conferences. (Dealscape)

Guy Hands: Drawing Japanese yen crisis comparisons. (FT)

Diversify: Private equity firms will need to become more like asset managers, offering buyouts as just part of their portfolio, or else focus tightly on specific sectors in order to prosper, industry participants said. (Reuters)