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peHUB Second Opinion 10.19

Resilient Wreckers: Despite being accused of “fashioning the wrecking balls and training many of the demolition crews that have wreaked such havoc in the economy over the past two years,” business schools have been pretty resilient. (Economist)

Legal Troubles: Solaia Capital isn’t going to let Patriot National Bank slip off the hook he’d baited with $50 million. (News Times)

Have You Read Carl Icahn’s Letter to CIT Yet? He called CIT’s new restructuring plan “a bad-faith attempt to buy votes,” saying it was “reminiscent of the old Tammany political machine’s vote-getting tactics.” Say what you will, the man writes a good letter. (Reuters)

Why Birthdays Are Important in the New Facebook Redesign: “The “gifts” feature is also currently the center of the fledgling e-commerce plans that Facebook has been bouncing around for quite some time now.” (CNET)

Why Women Make a Difference in the Boardroom: There are more women than ever in executive positions these days, but their scarcity in the boardroom could be hurting U.S. business. (BusinessWeek)

Its Official: Huffington Post is now bigger than that other Post from Washington… (Editor and Publisher)

Yeesh: The Deal uses the New York Post’s story on Blackstone’s fundraising issues as an opportunity to pat itself on the back for already knowing about the firm’s slow go at fundraising. Yep, that mega-buyout funds in the market won’t meet their targets is old news to the deal-making community (aka readers of trade publications like The Deal) but this seems unnecessarily self-congratulatory! (Dealscape)