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peHUB Second Opinion 10.2

Wishful Thinking or Reality? Restructuring industry firms said they’re “bolstering their ranks” for a “sustained demand for their services” over “three to five years.” Green shoots, my a**! (Reuters)

BX World: Blackstone Investor meetings may very well include appearances from Shamu. The firm is nearing a deal to purchase Seaworld and other theme parks from Anheuser Busch. (WSJ)

Moody’s in a Bad Mood: And the ratings agency is taking it out on private equity. “Private-equity firms could add more debt to their target companies’ balance sheets in order to reap dividends, which could weaken the position of existing bondholders, a report by Moody’s Investors Services said on Thursday.” (Reuters)

Weirdest, Most Random Niche Deal Ever: Riverside Partners acquires a Portugal-based umbilical cord blood collection company. What the heck is that? (peHUB)

Apollo Rises Again: One of peHUB’s favorite punching bags may actually make a profit on one of its failed deals. (Debtwire)

PE May Have Hit a Bottom: Notice the cautious language there. Because most non-lying PE pros would tell you that PE hasn’t bottomed at all…. (Blogging buyouts)

Headlines That Shock: Cities Too Poor to Bury Dead (HuffPo)

Lastly: Reasons to Love a Comcast-NBC Universal Deal (Deal Journal)