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peHUB Second Opinion 10.21

Things That Make You Go Hmm: The Journal is reporting that a firm called Iogi Energy has offered to buy $1 billion of CIT debt. Setting aside the headline confusion over the firm’s misspelled name, there’s something suspect about this offer. Reuters said the offer raises questions, as its from an obscure hedge fund which would not reveal its source of financing.  If it is legit, it won’t be the first unsolicited offer CIT has received for its assets. Earlier this month Wilbur Ross told Reuters (and peHUB) he has approached the troubled lender with interest in certain assets if it were to sell them.

Diamond in the Nasty Rough? 3 Reasons to buy American Capital stock, as of last week. (Motley Fool)

PIPE Me Up: Deal activity in the PIPE market returned to historical levels in the third quarter, albeit at lower levels of capital investment. Private Raise via Private Equity Beat

Party’s Over: Analysts expect brewer Anheuser-Busch Inbev to bring its asset disposal programme to an end, which has generated three of the 10 largest private equity deals this year. (Financial News, Sub. required)

Driftin’: The majority of private equity firms expect to change their sector focus in the next year, according to a Grant Thornton Private Equity study. (Midlands Business)

Which private New York schools does Goldman Sachs like? (Cityfile)

New Money: FBR Capital Markets Inc. has successfully raised the first-ever blind pool of money aimed at investing in the troubled banking sector. (The Deal Pipeline, sub. required)