peHUB Second Opinion 10.21.08

The Thaw: The Dow surged 400 on a “hint of a thaw.”And Libor rates have finally fallen to a trust-friendly rate. Signs of a turning tide?

Or Not: Investor confidence is at a record low, according to Strate Street and things aren’t going to change for TWO YEARS for you PE folks, a Goldman Sachs heavyweight says.

ARS Agrees: One Day Does Not Make A Trend.

The Leveraged Sell-Out: Making the dubious argument that pop star Rihanna is a closet economist. “Any one of the pop singer Rihanna’s many hits is a template for banker music: simple, catchy, allowing numerous opportunities to launch one’s hands in the air and point at things.” Ok…

Private Equity Blogger: Reviews the Pricewaterhouse Coopers white paper, “Seeking Differentiation at a Time of Change.” Nothing exciting here, and plenty I disagree with (Larger private equity firms have a long term focus and small and middle market firms go for the quick flip? Really?) But I do agree with greater transparency. We saw it before at Grant Thornton, ACG and Nasdaq’s event and I think it’s a concept that’ll be coming up more and more.

Laid Off: I can think of at least ten people I know who’ve lost jobs in recent months. BusinessWeek says the Pink Slip Epidemic is coming you mean it’s not already here? Gird your loins:

When the dot-com and housing bubbles burst, it was easy to see what types of jobs would disappear. But these days as nervous lenders cower and credit contracts, virtually every industry is likely to be scathed in the widely predicted downturn starting this autumn. Nearly every business relies on credit to operate-just as they need customers to have spending power. (BusinessWeek)

Then Again: And then there’s the other side of the equation, those who take pleasure in seeing “models and bottles” lifestyle bankers get laid off.

They unabashedly worshipped at the altar of Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko, while, of course, conveniently ignoring the last 10 minutes of the movie when greed brings down Gekko and his protégé. (BusinessWeek)

Sarcasm: Admittedly, a perplexing set of assumptions.<–>