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peHUB Second Opinion 10.26

Tech Targets: Technology stocks are hot again. Here are 10 technology companies that Barron’s views as takeover candidates. (Barron’s, sub. req.) If you don’t subscribe, this Dealscape post covers most of the story.

Looking for Work in Private Equity? Here are some “resume eye catchers” from, a job hunting site for financial pros. (Fins)

Not Positive Evidence: One-third of the return from private equity transactions stems from the use of leverage, according to possibly the largest ever analysis of the European market. (FT)

RIP Geocities: Today, Yahoo buried a painful chapter in its history. It shut down GeoCities, a social-networking site that it paid $4.7 billion for in 1999, one year after GeoCities went public and before it had even turned a profit. (Deal Journal) If you’re a fan of internet geek comic, XKCD, check out its redesigned homepage tribute to DIY websites of yore, little “Under Construction” man and all. [Update: It was a one-day only tribute, so if you’re just seeing this now, ya missed it.]

Big Bloggy Debates: What if insider trading isn’t such a bad thing? Clusterstock has argued as such, and thanks to the vehement commenter response, the site has opened the floor for compelling counterarguments. Best one gets its own post, apparently. (Clusterstock)

Carl Icahn’s Track Record: Not exactly on fire lately. Also from (Clusterstock).PS. Here’s a recap of his letter to Yahoo.

Women in Private Equity: Naissance Capital, based in Zurich, is to start the Women’s Leadership Fund in January, which will invest exclusively in companies whose boards include women. (Dealbook) More Women: How Women Leaders Find Success and Happiness (BusinessWeek)

Professor Bartiromo: Maria Bartiromo, the CNBC anchor, will serve an a teaching fellow at Stanford University. (NY Post)

When the Laid-Off Are Better Off: Victims of Boeing layoffs, researchers found, were less depressed and drank less than those who remained. Yikes! (BusinessWeek)

Scott-Free: Thanks to a flurry of recent deals, BC Partners has bucked the trend of disaster for European buyout firms. (Dealscape)